The right partner

Finding the right support partner can be a needle in the proverbial haystack. Many boast years of experience, broad expertise and superior service. The reality is that most offer a narrow range of service excellence, respond slowly, aren’t transparent, prove average overall and very rarely justify the high fee.

Gap in the market

Until now, decision-makers haven’t been able to source suitably qualified and reasonably priced business support solutions. Unable to elicit enterprise-grade services on an ad hoc basis, we stepped in and created 10K60.

The halo effect

10K60 isn’t only an ethical, agile and affordable ad hoc business support solution, it’s an entire ecosystem of interrelated services. 10K60 is part of a future that fully embraces the gig economy, skeleton staffing, remote working, brand-led business, digital marketing and other just-in-time solutions.

Founded on industry-specific expertise, 10K60 is a David versus Goliath to traditional consulting and established implementation solutions. By only staking a claim in proven industries our new services gain instant credibility. Leading with an in-depth, highly responsive and holistic approach, 10K60 is a brilliant new beacon for business.

Join forces with us

We’re interested in deepening 10K60 by partnering with ambitious individuals and visionary organisations. Join us in our quest. Get in touch and start the conversion process with an uncommon conversation.