Seasonal opportunities for packaging

Having the right packaging is everything, it’s what draws customers to your product ahead of the competition. To capitalise on this, you need to be on the ball with upcoming seasonal events and other marketing opportunities. With Halloween just around the corner, it’s important to ensure that your packaging matches the spooky vibes of the season to entice new customers. 

With Halloween being the third biggest event in the retail calendar, you’ll want to get in on the action. Coming up with eye-catching seasonal packaging is not always easy, but we’re here to help capitalise on undoubted opportunities for your brands. 

Use traditional colours and phrases 

You can’t go wrong with orange and black for Halloween packaging, and the same goes for things like spiders, pumpkins, and bats. Classic imagery is something your customers can relate to and will make them more interested in your product. 

It doesn’t matter if your product isn’t one traditionally found during Halloween either. Marmite is a classic example, with some jars labelled as “Trick” and others “Treat” during Halloween season. This reinforces the classic love/hate dynamic of the product and also promotes gifting for those who either love or hate the spread. 

Get creative 

A fun and interactive idea is to create packaging that can also be used as a Halloween decoration. This not only looks great on the product, but also creates something with more than one use - you might even decide to make it so that it lasts multiple Halloween seasons as opposed to just the one. 

Some brands choose to incorporate glow in the dark features on their artwork, adding a whole new dimension to their packaging - a prime example being Big Rig Brewery. This not only adds to the collectability factor, but also the novelty value. 

Collectable packaging

How about packaging launched with multiple designs? This is especially popular in products marketed towards children, enticing them to collect the whole range or allowing them to pick a favourite for their parents to buy. Perhaps one pack could be a mummy, one a witch, one a skeleton - the possibilities are limitless throughout spooky season. 

Think beyond halloween

If you want to make your packaging last for more than one holiday, why not give it an autumnal vibe instead? That way, it remains relevant throughout the season and saves money on multiple artwork changes. This can be just as effective, and gives you the creative freedom to include the best parts of the season. 

Throw in a name change 

Why not add a spooky edge to your product name? Many companies will create a play on words that works with the season. This is a great way of mixing things up and making customers look twice whilst they are browsing the aisles or looking online. A good example is Maynard’s “Creepy Chews” and other seasonal variants. 

Creepy conclusion 

We know creating the perfect design is sometimes not easy, and capitalising on seasonal marketing opportunities can seem challenging. You’re not alone though, 10K60 can help create the perfect design and solution to help your packaging really stand out - both for Halloween and every other season.